What You Need to Know About Erotic Hypnosis

For those who are completely new to the idea of erotic hypnosis, there is something that you may not have thought about before. It’s the process of getting hypnotized in the first place. So what exactly happens when you get hypnotized?

First, as stated above, you are in a normal state of mind. Second, you are calm and relaxed, which can be caused by having some kind of headache or tinnitus. Third, you will not experience any negative feelings, which is a very important thing for successful erotic hypnosis.

By giving you an energy that is associated with your heart chakra, you are slowly and gently being led into trance. The person leading you into hypnosis is known as the “experiencer”. And the person receiving you, you are known as the “subject”. In most cases, when the subject is asleep, the experiencer is called the hypnotist.

When you give him instructions, the hypnotist will give you a signal. This signal can be simple suggestions or it can be verbal suggestions. Once you feel comfortable, he will ask you some questions.

One question that you are asked to answer is: “Do you want to become aroused?” If you answer yes, you may hear a loud voice saying, “Go ahead and do it!” You may also hear a clap or a pounding drum.

Then, the hypnotist will give you another command, such as, “Tell me the name of the person you like best.” Once you answer the command, you will hear a voice saying, “Do it again.” This command gives you permission to continue with your sexual fantasies.

When the person telling you commands you to perform, you will hear some kind of sound. The sound is very high pitched and it doesn’t sound like a vibration or movement. It’s more like a kind of whistle or a hum.

Now, you will be given the command to go into sexual intercourse with your partner. You can also hear the sexual intercourse from behind you. This is the beginning of the erotic hypnosis.

The entire erotic hypnosis experience takes about five minutes. The whole process should be smooth, calm, and focused. A hypnotist has the power to make you fall into a trance, but only you have the power to resist the trance. It is up to you to decide whether or not you want to remain in trance, to go through the entire erotic hypnosis experience, or to come out of it.

Just like any other hypnotism experience, there are different techniques that can be used to make the erotic hypnosis process easier. This can be done by talking softly to the person you are hypnotizing, using various body movements such as deep breathing, deep eye gaze, clenching and unclenching of the hands, rhythmic breathing, or chanting some words.

In conclusion, you need to remember that the erotic hypnosis experience is completely safe and beneficial. There is no damage to your psyche, physical health, or anything else, when you get erotic hypnosis. With this, you should get relaxed, happy, and open to all of your fantasies.

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