What Is Hands Free Ejaculation Hypnosis?

Hands free ejaculation hypnosis is probably the most effective and easiest form of refraining from ejaculating while having sex. It is as easy as touching the perineum and using the fingers for masturbation. The trick is not to really stimulate the penis too much.

hands free ejaculation hypnosis

It can be used after sex if you just want to try it out. You don’t need to have a real orgasm to do this. If you are using the technique before, it is not important what you are experiencing during the period. You may find the experience surprising or good.

The hands-free technique is always found to be the most efficient. You can start by using your fingers or just feeling the perineum. Once you feel the pleasure starting, use the other hand to masturbate.

Touching the area is very easy. You can even feel the g-spot, which is below the urethra. You may be surprised and stimulate it yourself while you are feeling the pleasure.

When you masturbate, ejaculation can be triggered. You may choose to resist or stroke until you do ejaculate. Of course, your partner may want to stimulate the area as well.

The g-spot is located on the outside of the penis, above the urethra. It is just below the bladder and is quite sensitive. If you rub the perineum with your fingers, there is a lot of excitement when you touch it.

Since this form of refraining is really simple, you will need specific information. You can download a free e-book that contains detailed instructions. This e-book also includes detailed drawings and a link to one of the best performing masturbators.

Read the description carefully. Follow the instructions and take your time. Don’t rush it.

The best part is that it is very effective. Ejaculation is most likely to be suppressed. Most of the men who are using the technique report that they are able to last longer during sex and even have more orgasms.

The most important thing to note is that this method is easy techniques that anyone can do. You can practice it anywhere. It is probably a better idea to practice at home before trying it out in public.

Hands free ejaculation hypnosis is a very powerful technique. It will allow you to resist the urge to ejaculate and give you the pleasure you have been craving. It works like any other form of refraining.

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