Increase the Size of Your Manhood – Hypnosis Techniques

There are quite a few methods and types of Hypnosis that will help you increase your ability to control your ejaculation and satisfy your partner. If you are looking for tips on how to increase the size of your manhood then this article may be able to help you.

This technique works best when your penis is erect and your partner is into some form of oral sex. It also works well with sex toys, such as a strap-on. Since your partner likes you to use those sex toys to pleasure yourself, they may enjoy the hypnotic effect of the hands free ejaculation hypnosis.

Hands free ejaculation works by repeating some words or phrases. The hypnotist tells you to “draw back your lower lip” which triggers the release of blood that would cause a larger orgasm.

You can even use this method on speech patterns that can be embarrassing or hard to say. You can use a voice recorder and say the phrase in your own voice, while also saying it using your sub-conscious mind. You will start to think of phrases and sentences that you can use on yourself to improve your sex drive.

A sub-conscious mind is not always a problem. The trick is to trigger the right combination of words and phrases that will work the best for you. Keep in mind that your conscious mind will work to minimize the occurrence of ejaculation while the sub-conscious mind is letting you know what to do.

You can practice self-hypnosis or even learn this technique from a professional. Whatever type of hypnosis you use, it is important to learn the proper techniques so that you can have control over your ejaculation.

Your sex life will improve tremendously if you use this technique. Your ejaculatory control improves and you will get more satisfaction from your sexual encounters. Your orgasm will become longer and more intense.

To use this technique, you can simply begin to explore the difference between the two. Try to introduce the stimulation you get when your partner is coming into play during foreplay.

The foreplay is going to be a much better way to stimulate yourself than the penetration. You need to get you partner ready for that specific stimulation if you want to intensify the number of ejaculations you can have.

Also try to use some pre-cum during the foreplay for the stimulation of your g-spot. You can use the control of your fingers to stimulate your partner to this point so you can enhance the experience by extending the time you spend with your partner. This will allow you to increase the number of ejaculations you have before climaxing.

Hypnosis will definitely be the best option for you if you want to increase your sex drive, increase your ability to control your ejaculation and be more assertive and confident in your sexuality. Try using this technique and you will see the difference.

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