Hands Free Ejaculation Hypnosis – How to Control Your Ejaculation

Hands free ejaculation hypnosis is an interesting technique. You might know that when you are having sexual intercourse with your partner, he holds his penis with one hand and penetrates her with the other while you masturbate on the couch. How can this technique to help you to control ejaculation?

For controlling ejaculation it is necessary to first learn to visualize the situation when having intercourse with a Freestanding Handheld vibrator. You will find this little gadget underneath your bed and it allows you to stimulate your lady using a remote controlled device. It is very different from masturbation and it only differs from penetration because in masturbating you must be ready for orgasm as soon as possible while in the case of the vibrator you do not need to wait for orgasm but can build up to it and then use it.

The Freestanding Handheld vibrator is designed in such a way that the men can also masturbate by using it. That is because of the stimulation in the genital area it is possible to masturbate your penis, since your lady can reach the level of orgasm where you ejaculate and reach it. You have to remember though that for men the stimulation of the genitals does not come from clitoral stimulation but from the stimulation of the g-spot.

You will find a number of gadgets that can be used to stimulate the g-spot like the vibrator that has two parts called palm contacts or the palm contacts coupled with an electric shock for your liking. The electric shock to your g-spot will allow your woman to reach orgasm so fast you would think it is not possible.

However, there is more to this technique of hands free ejaculation hypnosis. Since both the man and the woman are aware of the fact that this technique is designed to facilitate the sexual intercourse then how can it not work?

The best place for a woman to be is a healthy adult. So the way of controlling the ejaculation will only be effective if the man and the woman are in good health.

Remember that the power of the brain is the greatest power in the world. The mere process of trying to achieve something such as controlling ejaculation is not enough.

Hypnosis to control ejaculation is quite difficult. First of all you have to have the patient that you are going to hypnotize, then you have to hypnotize your partner so that he believes that he can ejaculate even if you do not want him to. Hypnosis to control ejaculation is basically an interesting and good idea that allows you to control ejaculation even if you are not able to stimulate your woman sexually.

Another good thing about this is that the couples can make the time longer and much more enjoyable and fulfilling for them. For a long time if you have not been able to control your ejaculation you would feel stress and pressure and even both of you would feel this.

It is because you had been trying to get the right technique and would not have been able to be successful. Now you can be in the middle of making love without the usual agony.

So in the end, if you do not have control over your ejaculation, then these techniques work and will help you live a happy and fulfilling sex life. It is only a matter of confidence and practice, then you can control your ejaculation.

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