Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis or hypnosis orgasm sometimes referred to as the hand’s free orgasm is taking the Internet by storm. People are completely becoming obsessed with a phenomenon now commonly known as erotic hypnosis. It seems we are all on a quest to have the ultimate orgasm.

Because of that, we have written this just for you, so you know all the ins and outs, pardon the pun. Of the ultimate hypnosis orgasm or erotic hypnosis, hands-free orgasm. Whatever you would like to call it

Erotic hypnosis – What is it?

Erotic Hypnosis

Let’s start with hypnosis first. As a clinical hypnotherapist, let me give you the low down. 

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is the term used to take your mind into a trance-like state. People often ask what this means, and the answer is that feeling when you are drifting off to sleep or beginning to wake up, your mind is running from its subconscious part and not the conscious, alert state we are in during the day.  

This raises an interesting question. In my practice, I see a lot of clients that say they can’t be hypnotised, well if you can fall asleep and wake back up the answer is you are entering the same state daily and by yourself as well. So the comment of “I can’t be hypnotised” is a myth. 

Another excellent example of trance is when we begin to daydream or on the way home from work If we forget driving through the last intersection. We did it confidently, but we were in a light trance state. It is another excellent example of how we all can go into a trance state often, effortlessly and quickly. 

My job as a hypnotherapist is to guide you through the process. But, during hypnosis, you are doing all the work. Once you are in a deep trance state, then I can make suggestions directly to your subconscious mind. 

Simple right? Yes!

But there are a few myths we need to bust around erotic hypnosis or hypnosis orgasm, hands-free orgasm. 

  1. When a person becomes hypnotised, they will do things they don’t want to do. FALSE! A person under hypnosis will not do anything they would not do in an alert state. If you would not have oral sex or anal sex with your partner then under hypnosis, either erotic hypnosis or hypnosis orgasm you won’t do it under hypnosis.
  2. I will not know what is going on? FALSE! I have never hypnotised a person to the point of them not being unaware of their surroundings. If they were, they would be unconscious. Just like when a person is asleep, if you tried to do something to them physically, they would wake up, the same applies to hypnosis. This makes erotic hypnosis or hypnosis orgasm quite a safe thing to participate in. Regardless of hypnosis or not, you should never put yourself in a situation where you may be harmed. 

Hypnosis can be used to minimise pain in the body; it can be used to make physical parts of the body become hard like steel, it can make your arm not be able to be pulled down. 

If it can be used to achieve these things then it can also be used to turn up your erotic senses, make your vagina incredibly sensitive, make the feelings you are thinking about or having happen ten times or fifty times more sensitive. It is also great to use for premature ejaculation issues. We can desensitise the penis until you decide to turn up the sensitivity causing ejaculation. 

Does erotic hypnosis work? 

Yes, erotic hypnosis it works incredibly well the same as standard hypnosis or clinical hypnotherapy does, But you have to be committed 100% to the process. Because it’s just the erotic hypnosis audio session, then you don’t have someone bringing you back into focus if your mind wanders. The best way to deal with this is to practice going into a trance and coming back out. We offer relaxation audio files to help you with this. Your mind is like a large muscle that needs exercising. The more you enter and leave a trance state, the deeper you will go in a full erotic hypnosis or hypnosis orgasm session. 

Can I have an orgasm with touching my self, well technically, for a woman you do every time you have an orgasm? If you are orgasming during penetration, then what is happening in the physical process of your muscles contracting and pulsing is a climax. That is what happens just before all the muscles in your body relax, at the point of complete relaxation, your mind moves into an orgasmic state. The orgasm is always created in your mind, so whether or not there is physical interaction, you could orgasm using your mind and not your hands, sex toys or your partner. 

Think about it this way, if you were in the middle of intercourse, you begin to climax, your mind begins to start an orgasm, and you fell off the bed would you have an orgasm? The answer is it would immediately stop, why? Because your mind jumped to something more important. 

This means that if you are entirely focused not interrupted, your mind can quickly bring your body to a full, powerful and intense orgasm. Hypnosis orgasm, erotic orgasm or hands fee orgasm.  

It’s a lot like a guided meditation that’s intended to relax and turn you on so much that you can orgasm with no touching at all. It sounds impossible? It’s not. Game changer, guys.

Despite how real and corporeal sex is, there’s also a substantial psychological element to it. That’s why when you’re not in “the mood” for sex, you’re much less likely to find it pleasurable: if your brain isn’t feeling down to get sexy, your body has a hard time overriding that. On the flip side, if your mind is stimulated and turned on, it’s possible to orgasm just from that.

You get more than 20,000 hits when you search for “Erotic Hypnosis” on YouTube, and each video offers you something slightly different. Some videos feature soothing, dreamy voices detailing hot sexual encounters while images of scantily clad women float by the screen. Others go the more traditional hypnosis route, with soft voices that tell you to focus on the energy in your stomach, then lower thighs, then your groin as an endlessly spinning wheel rotates in front of you. This is a bit mystical and probably not a very professional session.

Erotic hypnosis operates in the same way that traditional hypnotherapy does: it makes you highly susceptible to the power of suggestion by putting you in an incredibly deep relaxed state. According to LiveScience, it’s not the tranquil state itself that’s therapeutic about hypnosis, but rather the effects that the suggestions a hypnotist makes (while you’re in that state) can have on you.

Given that hypnosis is useful insofar as it leaves your mind open to suggestion, the idea of erotic hypnosis begins to make a bit more sense. When all the stress and miasma of life is emptied from your mind, then you have the mental space to get turned on just by aural stimulation. 

  1. Breathing deeply and slowly

    Take slow deep breaths; this helps you relax and clear space in your mind, leaving you more susceptible to the possibility of pleasure.

    The most critical element of erotic hypnosis is the way the hypnotist’s words penetrate (oops pardon the pun again) your subconscious. Whether you’re with a partner or going solo, a little dirty talk can do wonders for your mood.

  2. listen to relaxation hypnosis sessions.
  3. Focus on Not Focusing

    I know it’s starting to sound a bit out there right now, but bear me out. If you can focus on what you’re feeling without overthinking it (that is, focus on the experience rather than what you think you should/shouldn’t be touching. You may then be able to achieve an intense; superhuman turned on feeling that people go wild for when they’re listening to the audio sessions.

Take slow deep breaths; this helps you relax and clear space in your mind, leaving you more susceptible to the possibility of pleasure.

The most critical element of erotic hypnosis is the way the hypnotist’s words penetrate (oops pardon the pun again) your subconscious. Whether you’re with a partner or going solo, a little dirty talk can do wonders for your mood.

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