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"ORGASMS and How to HaveThem."
NEW Breakthrough in Hypnosis - Orgasm even if you have never had one before.
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How it Works

Press Release.
Men and Women using self hypnosis to enhance their Orgasm experience.

Sex therapist and lecturer Roger W Hunter(DipCHyp.) says his new Deep Meditation technique is helping hundreds of both women and men to increase the intensity of their orgasm, many having an orgasm for the very first time. He said that recent research undertaken at the University of Chicago had shown that nearly 70% of women can't reach orgasm through intercourse alone. It is one of the last taboos, he said. It is the most private of affairs, ones inability to achieve orgasm is not often discussed between women. Yet my 20 years experience as a sex councilor in private practice tells me that all orgasms are not equal and that the underlying frustration felt by my clients who could not achieve a satisfying orgasm was the root cause for many a broken relationship. He says that, if a woman has no physical medical reason for not being able to achieve an orgasm then the likely cause or reason lies in a blockage or resistance in the subconscious mind. The good news according to Hunter, is that his new hypnotic method can now remove and release this resistance from the subconscious.

Most meditative techniques require the client to repeat a mantra to themselves over and over gain. There is no need to do this now with my proven method, he said. I use an electronic metronome which does this job for you, you just have to lie back, relax and listen. He is so confident it works that he offers a 90 day Moneyback Guarantee. If it doesn't work, you don't pay! His recently released program is now available on the net at www.amazingbliss.com

Roger W Hunter (Dip.C.Hyp.)
00649 3601634


You do not need to know how hypnosis works in order for it to work. However for those with an inquiring mind will find this research information interesting.

With BLISS Deep Meditation the mind is first relaxed by using meditative sound waves at the theta level (7cps) and then the delta levels (4cps) which guides you into the state between sleep and dreams. A beautiful relaxed peaceful state. When you reach this level a powerful and moving instruction is given to your subconscious. You are then given a special (copyrighted) self hypnotic suggestion that allows your mind to automatically let go and experience the absolute pleasure, joy and sexual gratification of a full orgasm.

Brain waves of our thinking.
CPS = cycles per second.

  • Miracles on Demand by Charles Tebbets
  • The Science of Happiness by Ken Keyes Jr.
  • The Power of Mind and Consciousness by V Van Dam
  • Consciousness Explained by Daniel Dennett
    "After years of frustration and having tried many methods without success (Including personal therapy) I reluctantly tried your self hypnosis program. The result was nothing short of amazing. For the first time in my life I am now able to experience orgasm. I cannot believe that it took just one hour. I just love it ! "
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